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    It’s a Battle of the Sexes!

    Welcome to Castle Adamant, where women are fabulous, men are forbidden, and comic conspiracies reign supreme. As a baby, Princess Ida was betrothed to Prince Hilarion—but the honeymoon was over before it ever started. Now all grown up, the Princess has sworn off men, opening an all-women college at the Castle in order to prove the superiority of her sex. But no moat can keep the Prince and his men from breeching these walls. It could be love. It could be war. It’s definitely a castle-crashing, cross-dressing, toe-tapping laugh riot.



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    Set sail with this classic comedy that boasts one of the most famous patter songs in musical theatre history. On the coast of Cornwall, a band of tenderhearted pirates celebrates the coming of age of Frederic, who was mistakenly apprenticed to the pirates until his 21st birthday. Now, Frederic has vowed to devote his life to the extermination of piracy - until a ludicrous leap year snag threatens to keep him apprenticed to the pirates for life! Throw in a bevy of beauties, a brash Pirate King, the delightfully stuffy Major-General Stanley and you've got what The New York Times calls "an endearing production with high musical standards and spirited performances.



    Don’t Mess With This Fairy!

    When mixing it up with mere mortal politicians, lighter spirits can pay a heavy price. Just ask the fairy Iolanthe, banished 25 years ago for marrying a Peer of the Parliament. But now the Fairy Queen has granted her a full pardon, and Iolanthe’s back in town, along with her son Strephon. He’s half fairy, half mortal, and totally in love—as is the Lord Chancellor and every other Peer…with the very same girl! It’s certainly not politics as usual, as the affairs of state in fairyland take center stage, the tasty tunes take wing and hilarity takes the day.


  3. The Gondoliers or, the King of Barataria

    Are you seeing double? You will during The Gondoliers, as two different groups with two different storylines collide in one boisterous and joyous show. Spanning both stories is the marvelously menacing Grand Inquisitor, Don Alhambra del Bolero, who stole the infant son of the King of Barataria and cast him off to Venice, but only after the young future monarch was secretly wed to a nobleman’s daughter. Now, the unwitting heir to the throne and his “brother” are gondoliers seeking mates when the impoverished nobleman brings his daughter to Venice in search of her infant groom. Since nobody can tell which gondolier is the true heir to the throne, Don Alhambra arranges for them to leave their newlywed brides and reign jointly until the proper monarch can be identified. After much confusion, lots of exuberant dancing, and jolly Italianate musical ensembles, the stage is set for leaving all concerned, including the audience, with feelings of pleasure!


  4. H.M.S Pinafore or, the Lass that Loved a Sailor

    This early satirical sendup helped Gilbert and Sullivan chart a new course for modern musical theatre. Lowly sailor Ralph Rackstraw has a problem. Or rather, two. He’s fallen for the Captain’s daughter, Josephine, and to make matters worse, she’s been promised to the haughty Sir Joseph Porter. And although Josephine’s heart beats only for Ralph, she agrees to be a dutiful daughter and accept her role as Sir Joseph’s wife. Normally Sir Joseph would boast his appreciation of equality among men, but when Ralph and Josephine eventually try to elope, he flip flops his position. Speaking of flipping and flopping… Little Buttercup, the bumbling former “baby farmer” admits her mistake from many years before – that Ralph was really born to the Captain’s parents, and vice versa. In the end, much rejoicing begins, as everyone finally finds true love. Even Little Buttercup!

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  5. Ruddigore or, the Witch's Curse

    Thanks to an ancestor who loved torturing witches, the Baronet of Ruddigore is cursed – if he doesn’t commit a crime every day, his life will end in agony, and the curse will be handed down to the next in line. No wonder he doesn’t stick around to follow through with his destiny. In fact, the Baronet poses as Robin Oakapple instead, leaving the title and the curse with his younger brother. But when the ghosts of Baronets past reveal themselves in the Ruddigore Castle picture gallery (what is this, Hogwarts?), he’s forced out of hiding and back into the role of daily criminal. To stall his ancestors as long as he can, the Baronet comes up with silly excuses and non-criminal acts like “forging” his own will. But destiny and curses aren’t the most flexible of things, so the clever Baronet must figure out a way to make everyone happy in the end, especially himself. Don’t miss this G&S gem - it’s the most fun you’ll have around Halloween without wearing a costume! Of course, please feel free…

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