Ages Ago / Mr. Jericho

A Double Bill of classic Operettas

The Times of London best describes these companion pieces for more famous works at the Savoy in the late
19th century.

Ages Ago

By W.S. Gilbert and Frederic Clay
1881 - “the pictures in an old baronial hall come out of their frames, scold each other,… make love to each other, fight, and are reconciled. The idea…is quaintly and cynically worked out. The Leonardo da Vinci and Michel Angelo look down upon the Godfrey Kneller. The Kneller condemns a half-length by an unnamed painter, which cannot descend to take part in the action because its artist has incautiously left it without legs.”

Mr. Jericho

By Harry Greenbank and Ernest Ford
1893 – “The jam-manufacturer with his pattersong, the Earl in reduced circumstances, whose handsome son becomes an omnibus driver, and the rest are the legitimate descendants of the early Gilbert librettos, and in like manner the music, from the tenor song to the anthem-like quintet, is on strictly Sullivanesque lines.”


March 1 - 7:30 PM
March 2 - 2 & 7:30 PM
March 3 - 3:00 PM

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Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater
West Side YMCA
10 West 64th Street, New York NY

Run time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

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