Thanks to an ancestor who loved torturing witches, the Baronet of Ruddigore is cursed – if he doesn’t commit a crime every day, his life will end in agony, and the curse will be handed down to the next in line. No wonder he doesn’t stick around to follow through with his destiny, leaving the title and the curse with his younger brother. But when the ghosts of Baronets past reveal themselves in the Ruddigore Castle picture gallery he’s forced out of hiding and back into the role of daily criminal. But destiny and curses aren’t the most flexible of things, so the clever Baronet must figure out a way to make everyone happy in the end, especially himself.

Run time: 2 hours and 45 minutes.

“Spirited & rich-textured.  The inevitable romantic mixups and chorus and dance numbers are all here, as is a conclusion steeped in wonderfully twisted logic that allows everyone to live cheerily ever after” – New York Times


Apr. 14 - 2 & 7:30 PM
apr. 15 - 3:00 PM


Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College
68th Street Betw. Park & Lexington Ave.

Photos by William Reynolds

Photos by William Reynolds

Family Overture

Sunday, April 15 at 1:45 PM

Musical introduction and plot summary made entertaining for the entire family. Free to all ticket holders for the 3:00 PM performance.